Since 1999

Professional Information Design Solutions

Leapfrog specializes in crafting clear, concise, and cogent communications that will not only help you connect with your target audience, but also ensure your message leaves a lasting, positive impression. 

With an expertise honed over 20 years of working with a wide variety of organizations on nearly every kind of communication project imaginable, Leapfrog provides a professional “splash factor” that takes our clients’ projects from good to great.

Once we understand your communication goals, we do what Leapfrog does best—bring focus to the fuzzy, rein in the rambling, turn the esoteric into the exotic, and add polish to the plain.

And did we mention give bang for the buck? Leapfrog Communications delivers true value to its clients by applying a writer’s ear for language, an editor’s eye for correctness, and a designer’s creativity with presentation to every project—a package deal that saves you time and money.

Welcome to our Website—check out our samples, peruse our client list (complete with testimonials), and contact us for a quote today.